Photo S. Ouzounoff.
Photo S. Ouzounoff.
Photo S. Ouzounoff


Fabrice begins his practice of Aïkido in 1991, at the age of 18, with the athletic association of the ESIEE (School of Electrical Engineering), where, during this time, he is a student. The club is directed by Pierre Helley (5ème dan UFA). Fabrice rapidly takes on a second affiliation with the municipal club of Noisy-le-Grand, led by the same teacher.

Following his 1st dan in 1995, he becomes a student at the Cercle Tissier in Vincennes where for several years he practices daily under the guidance of Christian Tissier and his assistants (in particular P. Guillemin et B. Gonzalez). He obtains his 2nd dan in 1998, his 3rd dan in 2002 and his 4th dan in 2006. Then, in April of 2014, he is awarded the rank of 5th dan UFA, and 5th dan Aïkikaï in 2015.

In 1999, he obtains the state sports-education diploma (the current equivalent of the DEJEPS).

With time, he increasingly assists Christian Tissier, participating in wide-scale demonstrations, Bercy, annually since 2001, Beijing, in 2010, and Saint Petersburg, in 2013.

He also participates in the filming of the following DVDs: ”Immobilisations” and “Projections” by Christian Tissier, and Defense Karate with S. Serfati.

Widening his knowledge of martial arts, Fabrice studies the basics of brasilian jujitsu at the Cercle Tissier (for 2 years), and also, since 2008, kickboxing with Team Zeitoun.

He begins his teaching career giving children’s classes, first at the Dojo 5, then at the Cercle Tissier, where he is responsible for the adolescent’s section from 2000 to 2009. During this time, he also gives weekly classes to adults, Thursdays, then starting in 2003, Friday afternoons.

After gaining several years of teaching experience at the ESIEE (School of Electrical Engineering), at the municipal club of Neuilly-sur-Marne, and also at the "Maison du Taiji" in Bagnolet (2005), in the fall of 2012, he opens his own school in the Dojo des Guilands in Montreuil. Under his direction, the Guilands Aïkido Club offers classes every evening as well as children’s classes Wednesday and Friday under the direction of Hélène Doué, 5th dan UFA et Aïkikaï.

For the FFAAA’s Ile de France league, from 2013 to 2017, he is a member of Mare Seye’s team of experts. An active member of the prestigious National College of Experts (Collège Technique National), he is designated as the regional expert for the Picardie region for the 2017-2019 seasons, then for the Guyane Region for the 2019-2020 season.